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65th anniversary
video of the Willowdale Rotary Clubs 65th anniversary
65th anniversary 2017-05-10 04:00:00Z
The Computer-Assisted Literacy Solution (CALS)

The Rotary Club of Willowdale, Canada proudly presents:

The Computer-Assisted Literacy Solution (CALS)

  • Are you looking for an additional way in which to assist with literacy improvement?
  • Do you have volunteers interested in helping individuals to improve their literacy in reading or math?
  • Do you have access to computers with high speed internet connections?

If yes, you will want to learn more about the Computer-Assisted Literacy Solution (CALS)

For US$80 (or $95 Canadian), any sponsored individual can have access to the Academy of READING and Academy of MATH for up to a year.

For more information about this new offering, go to:



About CALS

The Computer-Assisted Literacy Solution (CALS), based on AutoSkill's Academy of READINGÃ'® and Academy of MATHÃ'® programs, was presented at Rotary International's Centennial Convention in June 2005. Following the convention, discussions were held to determine how CALS could best be utilized by Rotary to help meet the challenge to improve world-wide literacy. It was believed that Rotary clubs, with access to computers and high speed internet connections, could help individuals using AutoSkill programs to improve their reading and math skills.

The Computer-Assisted Literacy Solution (CALS) Vincent C. Walter
The beginning of the Rotary Club of Willowdale
A short story about "The beginning of the Rotary Club of Willowdale"
The beginning of the Rotary Club of Willowdale John Maas
The Rotary Club of Willowdale was chartered in 1952

The Rotary Club of Willowdale was chartered on May 1st, 1952, with the approval of Rotary International and became part of District 7070. Rotary is an organization that represents about 1.2 million Rotarians in 30,000 clubs in 162 countries around the world.

Our club has over 50 members from many different walks of life. We represent many of the professions and businesses in Willowdale. Women have been encouraged to join our club for a dozen years.

Some of our traditions in the Rotary Club of Willowdale include: - Regular attendance at the weekly Thursday lunch meetings is encouraged in order to keep in touch with Rotary friends and Rotary projects.

If a member is travelling, he/she can attend any other Rotary club and receive credit for make-up attendance. Many Rotarians take pride in regular attendance. One member of our club has more than fifty-four years of perfect attendance.

Over the years the Club has started, sponsored or started many projects both local and international. Some the project descriptions can be found in the "Our Club at Work" article.

At nearly every meeting we have a guest speaker that present events happening at their particular organization or on current affairs. A few months after a new member joins our club, he or she is asked to give a classification talk at a lunch meeting, with a brief summary of his/her life history, vocation and connection to Rotary. It also gives the new member an opportunity to promote and advertise the particular business or industry they are in.

The Rotary Club of Willowdale was chartered in 1952 John Maas