Willowdale Rotary awarded a total of $800 to Beavers, Scouts and Venturers for their projects.
The Reward was offered for a project that would enhance understanding and build relationships in their local community.
Led by Council Commissioner Magda Zaghloul and their section leaders, nine Beavers from 14th Willowdale, six Scouts from 313th Toronto and one Scout and one Venturer from 14th Willowdale participated.
One brave Beaver told us all about his environmental poster that showed how we can protect the future of our world.
The older youth from 14th Willowdale had spent a whole month cleaning up different parks in the neighbourhood and gave a very detailed slideshow about separating different types of garbage.
The Scouts from 313th built eight little libraries as part of a Jewish book-sharing project. They gave an excellent slideshow presentation of how they used computer-assisted design to minimize the amount of wood used to limit both cost and waste.