Sep 19, 2019 12:30 PM
Dr. Kimberley Tavares
Building Education & Community Interrelationships: From Voluntourism to Equitable Local Change

Dr. Kimberley Tavares is a seconded Education Officer in the Innovation and Design Branch of the Ontario Ministry of Education. Previously, she served as a Vice-Principal in the York Region District School Board, and prior to this was an Equity Officer serving students of African and Caribbean heritage. As a result of her 20 years in education practice and research, Dr. Tavares is most proud of her work naming and addressing the barriers that prevent under-<Kimberley Tavares 2015.jpeg>serviced and marginalized youth from achieving their full potential in the education system. Her most recent research focuses on how education can benefit from the experiences and expertise of those most willing to support the educational aspirations of marginalized learners, Canadian Black Women teachers.